Preact gave me a smooth introduction to React

Mastodon feels lonely sometimes.

It's just a place for people to dump their thoughts, I don't see that much of a communication between people but more a place where people talk for themselves.

The missing link between spreadsheets and data visualization.

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I guess the mastodon instance does the work for us?

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Sia Skynet be like:

"message": "failed to fetch skylink: [unable to create data source for skylink; unable to download base sector; unable to start download; [unable to build initial set of workers; 0 < 1; not enough workers to complete download]; workers were unable to recover the data by sector root - all workers failed]"

Siasky is not stable yet, your content will disappear because "bad sector".

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Since the latest #Mastodon update it's not mandatory for new accounts to "auto follow" specified accounts and I totally get this but...

For us as a moderator team it's only getting more and more difficult to track down spam & bot accounts since we now have to browse through the mod panel for this instead of just "checking" new accounts🤔

The spambot beacon on the signup page does not seem to work like at all, how can we prevent more spam accounts without closing down signups :thinktink:

Print a simple card with your WiFi login details. Tape it to the fridge, keep it in your wallet.

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So the Stripe API docs show you the actual data from your last test call as the documentation example.

What a thoughtful feature.


Imagine being able to migrate your posts to another account, what a dream.

Sorry but DeepinOS is not ready for production yet, not in my opinion. It doesn't feel right when using it seriously.

Finally got a fresh of Windows 10 on my pc, also put a restore point in case It would gather too much software rot and I would have to go back in time.

My boot menu had a couple of weird entries, the path to cleaning it wasn't that straight forward but I managed to solve it and got some great experience with it!

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