So now everyone has access to over 533 million leaked identities from Facebook. Nice.

Thai cube by Joy Products got to be one of tastiest frozen meals.

Just saw man was it worth it, plastic or fossil fuel may not be the biggest threat we have.

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head: i'm bored
body: ok, i'm tired, let's sleep
head: noooo way, now i have soooo many ideas you have to implement asap!

How did get ? They could've not broken the , did they just the servers?

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Donald Trump doesn't actually want to be president. He just wants to get more
airtime where people listen to his opinions.
-zjbird, Jun 2015
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the awkward nature of when people are enabled to teach people for free they are more likely to do so.


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The as been solved in my opinion, everything makes sense now after watching the series about it. Youtube left me curious so I had to watch the series.

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If the app store had a "try before you buy" feature, I'd probably buy a lot
more apps
-Fatkin, Sep 2016
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"TL;DR: If we're going to a more static web, let's write actual static websites rather than deferring it all to . Use JS where necessary, but no more than that. if you have to ask yourself, 'should I really need JavaScript just to do this?', then you probably don't."

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I'm rolling out a major update to my Peek browser extension! YouTube, OpenDocument, and Reddit links are now supported, and you can now change the size of the popups.

Blog post:

Chrome download:

Firefox download:

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