Why is Outlook as bad at filtering spam?

Every menu bar rss feed on the Appstore (for macOS) is dead. Either the design is old, not updated, or crashes.

Luckily, I found a working app on Github that does the job, thank you OSS.

I am glad that I found this out because honestly, Zeronet is one of the most IF NOT the most well designed decentralized app. It uses two of the best technologies, Bitcoins cryptography and Bittorrents network.

I wish it became mainstream.

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So it seems that the original repo of Zeronet is dead, but the community as a whole has switched to a singular fork and are working on it from there.

It's called ZeronetX.

From my understanding, there are multiple forks of Zeronet atm but they all rely on ZeronetX which the forks gets their updates from.

One of the popular forks are Zeronet-enhanced.

The newest update is 1.7.5 which is, I believe 4 revisions since the original project was abandoned.

Here's a "classless" CSS framework if you want to your page automatically styled for you.


Fixed by disabling the extension and just using the app.

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There is something wrong with Bitwarden on Safari, it signs me out everywhere after a day.

It's all thanks to GraalVM!

A really cool thing I read about it was the polygot feature.

"GraalVM allows you to call one programming language into another and exchange data between them. To enable interoperability, GraalVM provides the --polyglot flag."

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If this doesn't give you a reason to "rvm install truffleruby" then I don't know what will.

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I kinda hate having the docker daemon run in the background constantly.

It runs even if I don't use it which feels unnecessary. And when I want to use it I have to startup the daemon which takes about ≈half a minute.

For this reason, I might switch to a daemonless container engine like podman.

I keep forgetting how fast TruffleRuby is!

You gotta give creds to  for still supporting rss.


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