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Remember. If you want your profile to be public here:

You need to go to Preferences->Profile and check "List this account in the directory".

Otherwise it won't show.

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My 7yo: "When I grow up, I want to be just like my daddy. He doesn't work and just spends his day at the computer doing nothing."

If you use a VPN for privacy reasons, it might be good to take a look at this:

You might not get the privacy you expect.

PSA: Active Exploits against CVE-2021-41773 (Apache Web Server Exploit) - what we're seeing and what they are doing..

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Get off Facebook. Get off every Facebook service. Block Facebook. Don't work for Facebook. Don't provide services to Facebook. Find every way you can to get them out of your life and support others in doing the same.

They are ethically indefensible.

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doing ad for another central service if one central service goes down is probably the wrong way. #matrix is decentralized and open source. IMHO the better way to go.

Facebook's DNS is back:

$ dig +short facebook[.]com

$ dig +short www.facebook[.]com

Was good while it lasted.

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Don't forget #Matrix. That has the advantage of not having one central infrastructure, and we've seen what happens if that goes down...

If you are still waiting for Whatsapp to come back online, maybe now is a good time to try Signal?

Signal is a drop-in WhatsApp replacement. Fast, secure, open source & private.

Try it out.

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Dear #FaceBook engineers, please take your time, no rush, and well, maybe it's a good time to feel ill and take a day off.

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So @dcid and I are having a debate at the moment.. a very heated one..


We pushed out the documentation for API's recently and on the page I wrote: "Application Programming Interface (API)"

This led to a multi-day debate and argument on who spells out API... thoughts? It's ok to tell Daniel he is wrong, he is strong..

Web 1.0: Decentralized. Every company hosted their own email servers, sites, DNS, etc.

Web 2.0: Centralized. Controlled by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Slack, CloudFlare and others.

Web 3.0: Decentralized again? I doubt the web2.0 owners will allow it without a fight.

I wonder how many hours are wasted by bad timed traffic lights.

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"Apple is permanently restrained [...] from prohibiting developers from including in their apps and their metadata buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms, in addition to In-App Purchasing."


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Hello, I'm an inexperienced user. How do I get toots from to show up in my feeds? Thanks

Phage therapy:

A custom virus that kills bacteria. Being tested to treat antibiotic resistant bacterias:

So cool and scary at the same time.

"China has a new rule for the country’s hundreds of millions of young gamers: No online videogames during the school week, and one hour a day on Fridays, weekends and public holidays."

Uh oh:

t-mobile got compromised. Sending good wishes to their team handling this incident. Likely will be a crazy week.

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