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Remember. If you want your profile to be public here:

You need to go to Preferences->Profile and check "List this account in the directory".

Otherwise it won't show.

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My 7yo: "When I grow up, I want to be just like my daddy. He doesn't work and just spends his day at the computer doing nothing."

T-Mobile Actively Censoring Certain URLs:

And not just those URLs via SMS. They are also blocking CleanBrowsing DoH url - without ever replying or giving us a valid reason.




Another other protocol being actively used that I am missing? At least, only seeing those 3 on our honeypot logs:

Also some interesting obfuscation, I am assuming to bypass WAF and IDSs:


We are sharing jndi (log4j) attack logs here:

Might be useful to find variation of attacks and IPs abusing it.

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@dcid @val @cleanbrowsing

Something really cool about this session is you can actually interact by sending in your questions ...

You can send them to: or calling (380) 333 - 5273

Had no idea that was a thing.. haha! Oh boy..

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If you need some noise to help you fall asleep better..

Will be doing a session with @dcid and @val today at 11 PDT to talk about our work @cleanbrowsing and a bit of our backgrounds...

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1975: "Let's build the Internet, a network that can survive a nuclear war!"
2021: "Let's host everything on the server of this one discount bookshop!"

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I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand that Apple, Google, or Amazon can simply _decide_ to remove access to anything you've "purchased", including many physical goods (if they are internet-connected and running proprietary software), and you have absolutely no recourse.

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Is it always really DNS? Does DNSSEC problems really make it a DNS problem? It's technically not DNS causing the issue.. or is it?

Either way, another great example of the pains we still see with DNSSEC after 24+ years and why it's worth asking..

is DNSSEC still a thing we should be doing?

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Ubiquiti Developer Charged With Extortion, Causing 2020 “Breach”.

In January 2021, technology vendor Ubiquiti Inc. [NYSE:UI] disclosed that a breach at a third party cloud provider had exposed customer account credentials. In March, a Ubiquiti employee warned that the company had drastically understated the scope of the incident, and that the third-party cloud ...

Fun day at Brighton today. One of the few places open for skiing/snowboarding on such warm season.

DNS Database Repository Search

Search the DNS repository of IP addresses, domains, and their records.

*You can search for domains behind an IP address, or all sub domains for a specific domain. You can also do sub domain discovery, find domains behind a specific service and things like that.

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As if you needed any more reason not to trust big corporations..

Here are pieces of the latest unredacted complaint against Google.

My favorite section:

"Project NERA was Google’s original plan to create a closed ecosystem out of the open internet. Google documents reveal that Google’s motive was to “successfully mimic a walled garden across the open web [so] we can protect our margins.”

Do you know you can host the DNS server (aka Authoritative DNS) for your domain for only $1 per month with

And if that domain is used by a non-profit or Mastodon instance, we will do it for free.

Fully anycast DNS with support for high availability domains, geoip, etc.

Reach out if you are interested. Direct registration:

There is nothing more creepy than this Facebook announcement:

Yes, Facebook is now Meta.

Sharing some of our SSHD honeypot logs here:

Which is integrated with the IP reputation + informational API.

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Guide guide on how you can use Dynamic DNS record with the NOC platform:

Working on this IP reputation API:

Test it out and let me know if you find it useful somehow.

Gives basic information about an IP + details if we detected it involved on web spam, web attacks, sshd bruteforce, etc...

*in beta

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