Thoughts to virtual parchment: Taking control of your time.. everyday there is someone / something looking to pull you away from the thing that matters most... that most is whatever it is you're focused on getting done.. choose wisely who you allow to pull you from that focus.

In this analysis by @dcid he unexpectedly stumbles into brute force attacks against Windows RDP and sheds light into a host that appears to have a network of compromised servers

Some thoughts on what it takes sometimes to get things done.. blind faith I suppose... with a side of sheer brute force.. :)

Who are the sysadmins I know that manage a few servers and are looking for an easy way to centralize their logs? Want to help test something?

“Yet the exchange noted that in the event it ever declared bankruptcy, “the crypto assets we hold in custody on behalf of our customers could be subject to bankruptcy proceedings.”

How does anyone keep any of their assets in @coinbase moving forward?

Good read on web 3… a bit melodramatic.. but I find myself in the same boat when thinking of this weird phase we’re in…

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If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

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Re-doing a quick of myself for the new users.

** If you just joined, write a quick post and tag to get people to know you. **

I am Daniel Cid, , and developer, and open source guy. Currently working on CleanBrowsing and In the past was at GoDaddy, Sucuri and founded the OSSEC open source project.

Outside of work, and are my mind relaxing hobbies.

Welcome all to Mastodon.

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In our latest post, we talk to the things we've learned about how the vulnerability works and what we can be doing to help secure our environments. It also serves as a precursor for the webinar I'll be on Wednesday with our friends at Invicti security.

No, the does not effect the @cleanbrowsing platform. We have built, and maintain, our own anycast network of 60+ datacenters around the world. If your DNS is down, and you need a backup service, let us know. We're here to help.

@dcid @val @cleanbrowsing

Something really cool about this session is you can actually interact by sending in your questions ...

You can send them to: or calling (380) 333 - 5273

Had no idea that was a thing.. haha! Oh boy..

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If you need some noise to help you fall asleep better..

Will be doing a session with @dcid and @val today at 11 PDT to talk about our work @cleanbrowsing and a bit of our backgrounds...

They aren't the end all, be all, but they can be an extremely effective security controls for when things like this rear their ugly head..

Here are a few things we're seeing as it pertains to the recent vulnerability..

Do I know anyone that has worked with the lua-resty-auto-ssl for OpenResty/NGINX?

Is it always really DNS? Does DNSSEC problems really make it a DNS problem? It's technically not DNS causing the issue.. or is it?

Either way, another great example of the pains we still see with DNSSEC after 24+ years and why it's worth asking..

is DNSSEC still a thing we should be doing?

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