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Former Twitter Employee Convicted of Spying for Saudi Arabia - Ahmad Abouammo was found guilty of spying and money laundering. - wsj.com/articles/former-twitte #paid

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Urbanista brings solar-powered headphone tech to true wireless earbuds - Exeger’s Powerfoyle solar panels are included on the charg... - theverge.com/2022/8/10/2329949

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Iran cheerfully admits using cryptocurrency to pay for imports - Trade minister says to expect more of this sanctions-busting stuff starting in September ... - go.theregister.com/feed/www.th

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The trial of Ahmad Abouammo, once a rising star at Twitter, is underway; he is charged with spying for Saudi Arabia, outing dissidents who likely faced torture (Joel Rosenblatt/Bloomberg) - Joel Rosenblatt / Bloomberg:
The trial of Ahmad Abouammo, once a rising star at Twitter... - techmeme.com/220725/p19#a22072

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#Fedilab 3.0.11 has been published on our #Fdroid repo.

- Composing messages is no longer forced to max chars

- Cross-account follows
- Cannot subscribe to notifications for an account
- Issues when sharing
- Wrong profile for emoji reactions in notifications
- Issue with cards
- Crashes with tabs
- Tabs cannot be renamed

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Sony is flagging its own websites for copyright infringement.


Good. More of this.

According to the article, Disney and Warner Bros. are doing the same thing.
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>Key images in a number of influential papers that have directed 15 years and hundreds of millions of dollars of Alzheimer's research appear to have been algorithmically enhanced.


Translation - the papers were fake to the point that the chemical they are supposed to be showing evidence of may not even exist.

There's an effect called publication bias in science, where if you don't find what you're looking for , your paper is considered uninteresting and doesn't get accepted by the major journals, even though the failure to find something that every expects to exist can be as much of a breakthrough as finding something no-one expected.

Still, one research did publish two papers back in 2008 noting that he followed all the required protocols and ended up with precisely nothing. But those seem to have been largely ignored.
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Surveillance is not security.
Surveillance is not privacy.
Surveillance is not safety.

Don't allow facial recognition tech to creep into our day-to-day lives.


I'd buy your braxphone Rob if it had a removable battery.

Probably would have bought a Fairphone 4 by now if it wasn't so expensive and had an actual earphone jack...

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Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, and others register for a license in Indonesia under which they might have to censor content and hand over users' data (Cristina Criddle/Financial Times) - Cristina Criddle / Financial Times:
Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, and others... - techmeme.com/220721/p15#a22072

Poor old Rob @robbraxman got the Coof, quite bad by the sounds of it but is OK now. No way of contacting him directly. Installed the brax.me app but not (ahem) that easy to navigate on mobile.
Anyway if he's ever on the Fedi and sees this - glad you're well now Rob and sorry you got all that crap from people on the livestream...

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British intelligence recycles old argument for borking encryption: think of the children! - Levy and Robinson are at it again Comment  Two notorious characters from the British secu... - go.theregister.com/feed/www.th


Carl ₿ MENGER .


There is no . My coffee:

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