is a good idea, but it have too many issue yet. So I use again.

I've just tested daemon with 11 Pro on . It is a good solution, I like it!

Ballantine's Brasil. Whisky on lime. Desecration of whiskey... :(

Perfect for Emacs


Reuters programmable keyboard - Source: by dovenyi

Vote now and make F-Droid a high priority for FSF - your feedback is needed by January 8th:

I've just upgraded to . Evolution editor lagging when I type a mail. Hmm... Tomorrow I will debug it.

Yesterday a ~6000 members #botnet started to #portscan hosts en masse. Watch out.

GTK 4.0 is here! After four years of hard work from our dedicated developers, GTK 4.0 was released today. Some highlights from this release include media playback, drag-and-drop, and scalable lists and grids. Learn more about what's new in GTK 4.0:

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