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.@SipeedIO's TinyMaix puts MNIST digit recognition on a modest @MicrochipMakes ATmega328 MCU: bit.ly/3QCKs31

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Don't miss out on our wearables month giveaway with @seeedstudio, where you could win a $100 coupon for XIAO and Grove products. The top 3 most-viewed wearable projects made in August that utilize a Seeed Studio product will win! 🏆 bit.ly/seeedwear

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.@SeeedStudio launches tiny edge AI Grove Vision AI Module, promises @EdgeImpulse support to come: bit.ly/3JNViRD

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The Smell Sensing Drivable Hedgehog Robot uses and which can drive around (controlled from a browser) and can identify up to 5 different smells along the way. More on Hackster.io: bit.ly/3zzlISl

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Steve Anderson's Loki is a "Super Spectrum" combining Raspberry Pi 4 and FPGA power in a custom case: bit.ly/3zS7ZGj

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Thank you to everyone that made it out today @Hacksterio @opencvweekly @rosorg @OpenRoboticsOrg @noisebridge

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@glowascii introducing month at @Hacksterio with her F3nr1r fennec fox companion 🦊🔵

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First San Francisco Open Robotics meetup was a success. Thanks @noisebridge @Dronecode @Hacksterio @opencvweekly.

What should we do for September?

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Home automation can be pretty exciting, recently Jeff Nguyen and I were experimenting with PYNQ on the Digilent Inc. Arty Z7-20 board to connect it to a Zigbee stack and control Zigbee based home automation.

Of course the interest…lnkd.in/e9fgEsPb lnkd.in/ecYrAznx

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Anders Johansson's Poseidon aims to get your pond and garden connected to the Internet of Things: bit.ly/3Qnp9Ts

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Shannon Ley's homebrew headphones are 3D-printable wired or Bluetooth wonders for under $50: bit.ly/3pf1g4i

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Community gardens are a great opportunity for developing systems. Check out this @Hacksterio project that gets data from garden to cloud, the way: hubs.ly/Q01hXhjv0

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Build your own ATtiny1614-powered LiPo and Li-ion balance charger for under $10: bit.ly/3Adssqs

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.@knitronics walks through the details of adding the hooks for the hardware on the @XilinxInc KR260 carrier board in a Vivado 2022.1 project: bit.ly/3p8QWuT

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