All browser prompts need a "Lie" function in addition to Allow and Block.

<Website> wants to:
* Know your location
* Use your camera
[ Allow ] [ Block ] [ Lie ]

But PM Modi just left the country after supposedly taking Covaxin.

So, we must ask if the rules are different for PM Modi and the rest of the citizens?


Could anybody at Bharath Biotech tell us- what is happening with international recognition of Covaxin? Or are those who took that vaccine never to leave the country again....


Edward Snowden and Max Schrems live: a discussion about data protection in times of mass data surveillance by the USA
Register here:

📌 Mark your calendars:
PrivChat #5 | Protecting Against Pegasus
Monday, Sept. 27 @ 17:00 UTC

Institutions invest billions annually into buying & building malicious spyware. What can journalists, activists, & human rights defenders do to protect themselves?

Maybe I am actually just a bot? 🤔

Maybe You Missed It, but the Internet ‘Died’ Five Years Ago

A conspiracy theory spreading online says the whole internet is now fake. It’s ridiculous, but possibly not that ridiculous?

Internet is a place where:

People sharing corporation's "property" is compared to attacking ships (piracy)

Corporations sharing between them user's data is "respecting their privacy" and "improving their services"


@garow @twann I distrust Cloudflare's certificates and I block all of their domains using the hosts file and in uBlock Origin.

You may also want to use Tor as your DNS resolver or block Cloudflare at the DNS level with something like a Pihole

Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. met with President Biden to discuss security.

Microsoft pledges to keep shipping buggy software and then patches 1-600 months later that brick the machine, making it fully secure.

Apple pledges to make 2FA universal, with an Apple token keyfob, for $169.99, that scans your environment for small children and/or suggestive-looking plants and calls the FBI.

Google asserts that if they own all data, there's no security problems.
#security #news

At risk of dunking on the ICO *again*, shouldn’t the headline be:

“Pubs and restaurants should think carefully about collecting personal data when building online ordering apps/websites”?

Not pushing the onus onto the customers?



The data must flow! Facebook and Google funding Apricot – a 12,000-kilometre sub cable across South-East-Asia - Nations from Indonesia to Japan to score 190 terabits per second of capacity some time in... -

Google and Facebook say they will participate in a new subsea cable system for 2024 linking Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Guam, the Philippines, and Indonesia (Vlad Savov/Bloomberg) - Vlad Savov / Bloomberg:
Google and Facebook say they will participate in a new subsea c... -

Happy 109 anniversary to this little nugget of an article. We've known what the problem is for over a century.

Facebook reportedly looking at methods to analyze content without decrypting it for "end-to-end" encryption being rolled out. #Microsoft/#Amazon/#Google reportedly taking on similar research.

#News #Facebook #Privacy #SocialMedia #Encryption #homomorphic

Imagine a government agency ordered Apple to include hashes of all documents they wanted to track into that kiddie porn database. Suddenly the government knows who's got that antivax meme JPG. Or tax protest DOC. Or an environmental report PDF.

And it's just hashes! Apple won't know what they're tracking, so they can't say "no".

Now tell me you honestly believe no government *ever* will take advantage of this invisible monitoring power.

Don’t you guys feel what you say and do offline is tracked and used by players like Google Apple Netflix and whole bunch of others to offer personalised content in their offerings. I repeat offline. For instance I am talking about trains 🚊 in general to a friend offline in person and after few hours I visit App Store to check for updates and I see game suggestions for train, the simulator, is this sorcery or science. This happens in third world countries.

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