Delta Chat wrote the following post Tue, 20 Sep 2022 19:06:16 +0200 Wouldn't it be nice if you could migrate with Delta Chat from one e-mail provider to another and keep all your chats and communications and encryption working seamlessly? With 1.32 Delta Chat releases we added initial support towards this goal on all platforms 馃コ "Introducing Automatic E-Mail Address Porting (AEAP)".
David Esteve :verified: wrote the following post Wed, 21 Sep 2022 15:30:44 +0200 Comunica de forma 猫tica. Cicle de Comunicaci贸 digital i tecnologies convivencials
via @canodrombcn


Nos juntamos a cacharrear y compartir ideas en Can Vies los jueves de 19.00 a 22.30

Nos gusta organizar talleres, como los de navegaci贸n segura y de proteccion de la privacidad online.

Nos interesan temas como las licencias abiertas, el anonimato online, la desconexi贸n de las redes sociales privativas y la propiedad de los datos, entre muchos otros.

Software libre y esas cosas, vamos.

Traemos cosas de tecnolog铆a a gente politizada y cosas pol铆ticas a gente tecnologizada.

#newhere #hacklab #logout #barcelona #sants #canvies

Escucha el nuevo #LinuxExpress con noticias sobre eventos, dispositivos, programas y pr贸ximos episodios.
Recuerda que puedes colaborar en #PCRecicladoDeLaAudiencia.

馃寪 Web:
馃懃 Telegram:
馃帣 Feed:

Recordad que el jueves 29 y el viernes 30 celebraremos la #AkademyES 2022 en Barcelona

- Consulta el programa:

- Encuentra la ubicaci贸n:
- 隆Inscr铆bete!:

- Mira la camiseta que tenemos este a帽o y res茅rvala antes del lunes en el enlace de registro:

- Recuerda que si no puedes asistir presencialmente, puedes asistir en l铆nea鈥

Bad news for UI designers. Adobe will have to squeeze the market dry to finance this.

@penpot is suddenly so much more important than ever before. And it was already very important.
Last paragraph is precisely my thoughts regarding Slack. It's getting more obnoxious with its free tier and looks like it's a matter of time before it stops being free altogether

Love #Figma? Now that it has been acquired by #Adobe their future might just go the same direction as Macromedia Fireworks, which according to the top HN commenter was:

"a calculated decision to kill an innovative product because it threatened the profits of their cash cows"

Luckily there's something much nicer than Figma. More promising: A true #FOSS alternative for #UX design.

Of course this is @penpot

Give it a spin. Join the community.

The announcement of Figma's acquisition by Adobe caught us by surprise celebrating our strategic offsite.

Oh dear, more work馃槒 Ten years ago, someone on Stack Overflow used exactly the same analogy to explain SQL injection. It's now real, just amazing.

Dear so-called 鈥淯X鈥 designers, the opposite of 鈥測es鈥 isn鈥檛 鈥渘ot now鈥, it鈥檚 鈥渘o.鈥

#design #deceptiveDesign #bigTech #peopleFarming #ux

Dissabte, a partir de les 16:30, celebrem el a .
Lloc: Espai Jove Agudells, 37-45 08032 鈥 Barcelona Metro L铆nia 5 El Carmel (accessos adaptats) Autob煤s: V21, 39, 19, 86, 87 Nocturn: N4

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