My mother died yesterday evening in her sleep. I had a chance to be with her and speak a few words with her beforehand, but that helps only a little bit

Today's mail brought my contributor's copies of Star*Line magazine. I have a book review and a poem "the not-a-dog" in this issue.

My wife and I are stuck with an undriveable vehicle someone rear ended, waiting for the tow truck to arrive. No one hurt, but we are at loose ends

I would watch a rodeo where the bulls are happy to be ridden

The water here is shut off for our building all day for sewer work they're doing. We do have pots and bottles of water to get us through it though

I received my hardcopy version of Otoliths with two of my poems inside

People often talk about something being a recipe for disaster, but I prefer to find inspiration from my ingredients so as to stay on the moment

"A million victims that each paid $45 million would be a profit of $45 billion" - no, in the US the word is TRILLION

A double-crossing android lost the battle at a tower built by the gods

I am happy that another of mine has been accepted- I'll post a link to it once it is online

We went out for Korean fried chicken and sweet potato fries because today is my birthday!


Hey everyone, a supernova just went off in Cassiopeia!!!! Right now it is in the early stage so only visible by telescope but after a few days it is likely to be visible to the naked eye. Supernovas are fairly rare so might want to make some time to see this one!

#astronomy #Astrophotography #space #science

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