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Welcome to noc.social.

An open source, Social Network (Mastodon). Focused on technology, networking, linux, privacy and security, but open to anyone. Civil discourse, polite and open. Managed by the noc.org team. Good hangout place for sysadmins, engineers, or tech people in general. You can search for accounts to follow here: https://search.noc.social/

What is Mastodon / fediverse?

A safe, reliable and distributed open source social network. It uses Mastodon and you can chat with thousands of people that also part of other Mastodon networks (think of email). If you are getting started, you can search for accounts to follow and engage here: https://search.noc.social/

Code of Conduct

We are a nice community of techies, sharing and helping each other. You are welcome to join! Basic rules:
  • Be Polite
  • Be Respectful - even if you disagree.
And everything will be fine.

Content not allowed

  • Any illegal content (doxing, leaking private information, under age content, etc)
  • Adult (pornography) content
  • Spam
  • Racism
  • Threats of Physical violence against any person, animal or institution.
Accounts breaking those rules will be banned without a warning.