Ok, throwing this out in the hopes of some guidance..

Trying to use SSH to pass MySql arguments to a server remotely.. almost all arguments work with exception to "create user"

This works on the server:

create user 'testing'@'localhost' identified by '123';

This doesn't work:

ssh root@[ip address] 'mysql --user="root" --password="[pass]" --execute="create user 'testing'@'localhost' identified by '123';"'

I've tried escaping the single quotes like this:

ssh root@[ip address] 'mysql --user="root" --password="[pass]" --execute="CREATE USER 'foo2'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'mariadb';"'

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That failed, so tried escaping the double quotes too:

ssh root@[ip address] 'mysql --user="root" --password="[pass]" --execute=& USER 'foo2'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'mariadb';&#34'

This actually gets past the error, but doesn't create the user on the remote server..



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