Abe's murder sparked a wave of anger over the Unification Church's relationship with Japan's Liberal Democratic Party politics. #cult #LDP #Japan #UnificationChurch #politicalcorruption
Principle of Separation of Church and State, Violation #statefuneral

Love learning that The Secret of Monkey Island has a (small) speedrunning scene. Not something I would expect, but of course it does. Learned things about the game I didn't know by watching this and hearing from the people working to push the run time down.
Though Monkey Island 1 is a point and click, it's a great combination of tight design *and* lots of shaggy edges, and has just enough "system design" in its puzzles that runners can find cracks to slip between. youtube.com/watch?v=J0mso2jW6J

Original Apple II version of the Prince of Persia title screen from 1989.
DOS version from 1990.
High resolution Mac version from 1992.

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This screen hasn't changed in over a month. I think my employer may be low key passive agressive.

Streaming Windows 3.x MIDIs of hit songs of the past via Sound Blaster OPL3 (emulated). Might be taking requests. Jump in! 🥂

5,014,976 accounts
+49 in the last hour
+1,974 in the last day
+9,358 in the last week

Does anyone have a recomendation of an Gnome extension that woks like Pop_OS autotiles?

PSA: macOS updates often modify your System Preferences to violate your Privacy - news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

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