@dcid I don’t trust your type of encouragement ... It always ends up with me in pain and you laughing.. feels hazardous to my health

@dcid if my horses weren’t so nuts I would strap in to their backs and go

Didn’t expect this in Texas... but it was a nice surprise ...

It's really hard to know what to say these days.. where does one even begin.. maybe the answer is to say nothing.

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If you sell culture war all day, don’t be surprised by the real-world consequences:


He has a good point. And it applies to more than just the US, but most of the media across the world.

@jonw we see this a lot on Androids and “private DNS”... extremely frustrating

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@jonw my son build his PC last year, this year he did a Windows update that busted all his drivers.. wouldn't connect the monitor, keyboard, or mouse..

We had replace the video card to allow the update to finish, then swap the old one back in and it worked. But a normal family would have had to go to a repair shop, or buy a new one.

@jonw you know, I have been seeing these more and more.. especially in smaller towns.. it's kind of wild, but does make sense

Over the past month I have been shifting from a MacOS to Windows. My main driver has been ideological differences with Apple around closed and open ecosystems. It's taken a bit, but wow.. it's been enjoyable... especially like their seamless integration

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Do you trust Zoom?


Zoom lied to users about end-to-end encryption for years, FTC says...

Since at least 2016, Zoom misled users by touting that it offered 'end-to-end, 256-bit encryption' to secure users' communications, when in fact it provided a lower level of security .. Allowing them to decrypt users communication.

34k unread emails.. that's my new hell.. there has to be a better way.. and most of it is crap from places I don't even remember.. why why why

First zoom call in about a month.. my goodness, I'm exhausted.. it was only 30 minutes.. :O

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@dym don’t think social platforms should be the source of decency either. Not their place.

The level of blatant censorship occurring on all social platforms, regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum, should worry us all. Social platforms should not be arbiters of truth, and it's just getting worse.

@neil this drives me nuts.. every.. single .. time

Ok, let's move on to more pressing issues..

What's your highest score: trex-game.skipser.com/

10's of thousands of small businesses closed. 100's of thousands of jobs gone, and even more families affected. My goodness.. 😢

Source: chainstoreguide.com/offthechai

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