Went to read an article.. had to disable ad blocker so that I can read it.. this was what I could read after I disabled it.. gee.. wonder why people have ad blockers on.

If Browsers are going to do whatever they want, when they want, then the CA/B forum should just dissolve itself and move on.. chromium.googlesource.com/chro

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A couple of people have asked how to migrate instances and carry over followers:

Short version:
1. Create an account on the instance you want to be on. (new instance)

2. On the new instance's account, go to "Account Settings" and "Moving From Another Account."

3. Enter the the handle (full @) of the account from the instance you're leaving (old instance) and submit. You should get a message saying you created an alias successfully.

4. Go to the instance you want to leave.


This is a good, disturbing, watch on how the world of "censorship" at Facebook / Instagram... youtube.com/watch?v=l7o4A16QCx

CSS.. I see you.. you will be the death of me... but we're going to get this done..

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Tried to show @dcid this thing I’ve been working on, took me an ungodly amount of time.. his response?

That’s it?


Kind of frustrating the amount of information Adobe needs to install photoshop.. Why do you need my age? Why do you need my skill level? Why do you need my profession? Why can't I just get the product I purchased?

hey @val I have Google Wi-Fi.. your strength is going to be dependent on a number of factors. But has been one of the stronger mesh technologies I have used.

Put some thoughts to virtual parchment on the idea of decentralizing social platforms.

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Maybe this YouTube dude should try something different

Talk about timing.. @dcid just shared this article about dark-mode on devices. I literally just switched from dark mode back to light. I was actually having a hard time with all the darkness. What are others doing? And do you relate with this article? kevq.uk/is-dark-mode-such-a-go

If we wonder why IPv6 is not more widely adopted, reason 1,245

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Here is an example of how Netgear thinks we should capture IPv6 on their routers... enter each entry individually.. an example of where the UX designer is not a user..

Was really looking forward to playing with this Mikro Teck router and I'm leaving very frustrated.. shouldn't be this difficult folks.. :(

Playing with some scripts to monitor the status of a service. In this instance working with as we play with a few things.. defragged.org/2020/06/09/use-b

Really good thoughts here about social media platforms.. these are some of the same things I’m struggling with myself. mackcollier.com/social-media-i

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