Writeups online for ⁩ ! Writeups available for Confidentiality, Swaggy and All Baked Up. Thanks a ton to the organizers for this amazing event and CTF! newline.blog/posts/hacktivityc

@dcid I'm @digeex again.... I feel like this happens mostly during and close to the weekends

New write up available, bucket write up! Abusing Amazon buckets to gain r00t! newline.blog/posts/htbbucket/

I've cleaned up my account from any messages made about the mess from the past few days. Thanks @Ajal and @digeex for not messing with my account any more than was neccesary to alert @dcid 😅

I've communicated with @dcid and according to him the issue should be resolved now. Thank you @dcid for you effort in resolving this issue! 👍

Finished ! My god was the exam ever grueling... some blog posts may be coming up on OSCP preparation and the strange wave of impostor syndrome I've been feeling lately

Further clarification, specifically don't use an SD card as 'android internal storage'. That option breaks every app under the sun. Use it as 'portable' instead and just use it to store your photos etc.

Definitely not as valuable as the other option, but trust me, it's worth saving you the headaches 🙃

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PSA hates SDcards nowadays. Beware when you think those two still go together.

It's a uhh.. complicated relationship between the two to say the least...

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#infosec is easy: the answer to every question is "it depends"

Ever exerted your mind so much you get a non-stop dizzying headache? 😫

Powershell feels like it was made by 100 programmers who all wanted their specific syntax.

In the end Microsoft just gave up and gave everyone their wish. Making the confusing mess that is powershell now. Having like three different syntaxes to just split a string.

sandboxing is the bane of my existance. Just lost 2 hours of my life debugging a dumb issue that I could've easily if Android allowed me too.

And they wonder why people root their phones... 😔

Programming in powershell is like experiencing wonderland; nothing is as it should be and nothing makes sense.

... Send help, I'm going insane

exam is coming up... doing exercises like a maniac for the bonus points

Anyone in here into and/or ? Looking to connect to some others in my field of work 😀 🖥️ 😎

Recently been playing around with gemini.circumlunar.space/ using github.com/makeworld-the-bette . Such an interesting protocol! Away with all the clutter and experience a pure information sharing experience. Can recommend.


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