Curiosity: trying to understand it all at once, all that is accessible, left wanting because true knowledge comes by doing, and necessity drives the will of completion. I would expect a generalist to be widely appealing, but fit me into a certain shape, I am not deep enough. I'm meant to be broad, not deep; a leader who can empathize with each speciality. But how can I achieve that level without first going down one path, and how can I ward against that exposed feeling of selecting the wrong one

Curiosity: heard about the keyboard for the first time. Immediately drawn to the idea of other, believing there is room for improvement. But difficult to go against the standard. Maybe with time you would just be more comfortable on another layout, without forgetting the old. /The more time I spend on a keyboard the less I notice the input device and the easier I can focus on the content and shortcuts. No reason to reinvent but maybe if I was given a choice of three layouts to begin with


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