@joel_walbert some men seem to openly long for a historical situation in which women cannot survive except through marriage, and women in marriage have no personal rights, even to refuse sexual intercourse, then they are to be forced to carry the children as well, and it can all be called legal.

supposedly, 99% of men watch pornography every day (this seems to hold true for the men i've asked). if that is true, we must assume that most anti-abortion men watch pornography every day. what does that mean?

@esther Im not sure where you are getting this info from, but none of that is true in any way. And none of it, even if true has anything to do with Church doctrine. The Church is opposed to murdering babies so that same Church is well within their rights to do this.

@esther Let me start with I am not Catholic so don't take any of this as me coming from that perspective. I just happen to agree with this particular decision. That said, please elaborate. That phrase gets tossed around often, but used to mean different things

@joel_walbert does it get tossed around often…? you've already questioned the source of my info, so in this case, i've used this phrase to mean something like, "the proof of the pudding is in the eating"… hope that helps?

@esther as for my questioning your info source, you gave no source. You merely repeated unproven opinion that is straight out of the perperual victim playbook. I would love to see this data to back up those bizarre claims

@joel_walbert if you habitually talk like this to people i can understand why "perpetual victim" might be a character in your life. get fucked, creep.

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