Lucas Debargue at the 2nd round of the International Tchaikovsky Competition:
(YouTube through Invidious)

Probably my favorite piano recital of all time. Made a huge impression on me watching the live stream in high school.

"Simulating digital circuits in Racket"

source code is great to skim through:

I wouldn't even consider trying this without a strongly typed language, but the elegance of this implementation speaks for itself.

Successfully made it through linear systems class using GNU Octave, never having to touch m*tlab 🎉

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Kneejerk defense of strong intellectual property laws—copyright, patent, or trademark—at the expense of saving lives is wrong. There is a mechanism that would make the COVID vaccine more available. We support its use.

"actually, geometric series are linked lists"
statements by the utterly deranged

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I'm amazed at the beauty of some type systems and then humbled that you can hack them together in C


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