Ajouté la raison pour laquelle la communauté juive a eu besoin de créer l'hôpital général juif à Montréal dans les années 30 :

Des cieux, je contemple mon oeuvre.


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Took a pic of the cat lookin out the window and accidentally turned him into some sort of god.

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"From birth we're taught that we're owed a beautiful girl. We all think of ourselves as the hero of our own story, and we all (whether we admit it or not) think we're heroes for just getting through our day."

I've been using syncthing.net/ since about a month, and I gotta say it works pretty well. It's simple and it just works.

It isn't just nations who benefit from war, but humans too; The more you argue with people of divergent point of view, the more you search for data to strengthen your knowledge and therefore gain power. Because "Knowledge is power."

So cool: sffed-education.org/

A simulation in which you can run the Fed, and see immediately how things are running after each change you make to the Fed funds rate (%). Instant feedback loop. Which makes it easy to learn about economics and how one variable affect the others.

This is very cool to see Mastodon getting such popularity. I remember using identi.ca back in the days. Was kinda cool already. Now it's much more resilient with the new architecture.


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