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"LoOk At My ArT SpEcIaL EdItIoNs CoMiNg SoOn ExClUsIvE hAsHtAg nFt"

No fuck off 🤢 🤮

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In Finnish we don’t have gendered pronouns.

These translations from our gender-neutral language into English reveal a lot of bias in the world and in tech RT Maailma ei ole vielä valmis. Eikä ole teknologiakaan.



[sarcastic hot-take] The Emperor's new NFTs are looking snazzy. (I blame Louis XIV and this irrefutable proves it's his fault: {b3sum}11c856f8f36fa62c32f84682efeeeec218fb1b9c92bd2f4dbdee9d57b8c081a9)

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<observation />I'm so lacking in human contact, that brushing toast crumbs from my hands, feels like an intimate sensual moment. {wtf?}

@dcid Have confirmation messages been tested for delivery to IPv6 only SMTP servers?


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