My wife is taking a course in "Information Security"

They require you to run flash in order to access to course.

@selea Gargron asked us about our implementation, so maybe they will! 🀞

Suspended the instance, because it is a malicious instance.


TL;DR - useless and stupid HTTP-headers and takes up a shitton of bandwith in the end CPU-cycles that can be used for something useful instead

Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

I have recently started to use windows at work again, and HOLY FUCK
So much telemetry and so much crap is sent to my company in order to spy on "my productivity"

That's irony at its best: Google is one of the gold sponsors of #FOSDEM, and less than a week before the conference begins, it removes #Element from the Play Store. Element is the most-used application for access to the #Matrix infrastructure that FOSDEM depends on.

Stop Using Cloudflare

1. It is a GIANT man in the middle - MITM.
2. Their DDOS protection is not that good.
3. You are contributing to a centralized Internet.


inget alls faktiskt!
Idag Γ€r det lΓΆrdag och dΓ₯ ska man ta det lugnt :)


was'nt the instance that was recommended by Luke the fluke?

i cannot follow people on:

what do they all have in common? that's right, they block tor.

fix your shit and stop using cloudflare


There is actually a project that will provide a "joinmastoson" like site, that hopefully will be up soon

Sadly, is taken by and just dormant,

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