‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to Sacha Baron Cohen slam the social media industry for facilitating the spread of hate, lies, and conspiracies through its creation of the ‘greatest propaganda machine in history.’


"Disruptive innovations transform complicated, expensive products into simpler and more affordable ones."


Google is now rewriting all URLs in gmail/gsuite email messages, *including those downloaded via IMAP*, to go via Google URL redirection, which is a HUGE privacy leak. they're editing the actual message bodies in your inbox.


After over 15 years of using , my account has been permanently disabled without any reason given. All my emails, contacts, photos, docs, accounts connecting with google, etc.... Everything is gone. Without warning or chance of recovery. I'm at a complete loss...


"The best migration tools are incremental and reversible: folks should be able to immediately return to previous behavior if something goes wrong, and they should have the necessary expressiveness to de-risk their particular migration path."

An Elegant Puzzle: amazon.com/Elegant-Puzzle-Syst

@perezbox I liked your posts about selling a startup 👍


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