Don’t you guys feel what you say and do offline is tracked and used by players like Google Apple Netflix and whole bunch of others to offer personalised content in their offerings. I repeat offline. For instance I am talking about trains 🚊 in general to a friend offline in person and after few hours I visit App Store to check for updates and I see game suggestions for train, the simulator, is this sorcery or science. This happens in third world countries.

@garow Sometimes I do. Although it's entirely possible their algorithms are just that good.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” --Arthur C. Clarke

In any case, I can't make any claim without speculating since the code is closed/proprietary.

@b6toast Nice quote I liked it. I am pretty sure they are up to something nasty. If they can so call predict everybody needs all around the world they can solve plethora of problems of third world. They want to solve CSAM problem, if they really care at least they should open up showcase why an advert or app was suggested and what/which “My Data” lead to it, then the world will get to know the real truth what it is. All features/sensors they add they have an agenda.

@garow As long as you carry a cell phone with you ,you will always be tracked and they will share with others and that's the reason you see stuff about where you have been. I don't need to worry about that because I don't carry a cell phone. I only use my computer at home.

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