One day I'm going to cross paths with these insensitive router UI/UX folks and we're going to exchange some very strong words.. a box for each octent in IPv6.. and no support for truncated values.. why.. why would you do this...

Sorry.. meant hextet.. not octet.. that's how angry I was.. hahaha..

For context:

IPv4 (4 octet)
IPv6 (8 hextets)

Side note, carry on...

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CleanBrowsing Anycast Network is growing.

4 new additional cities added:

-New Orleans (USA)
-Phoenix (USA)
-Mexico City (MX)
-Stockholm (SE)

Making CleanBrowsing faster and more resilient to everyone (69 PoPs).

How WhatsApp scaled to 1B users with 50 engineers:

1. Keep Things Small

2. Keep Things Simple

3. Have a Single Minded Focus on the Mission

Nice read:

T-Mobile Actively Censoring Certain URLs:

And not just those URLs via SMS. They are also blocking CleanBrowsing DoH url - without ever replying or giving us a valid reason.


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