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Great piece by Frank Denis ( jedisct1) on the challenges of taking your code open source and the overall entitled attitude of people using your open source code for free - and expecting free support:

"It doesn't work".

Denis is an amazing builder and maintains multiple powerful and important open source projects:

One thing I love about the DNS is the visibility it provides - including regions and resolvers.

If you want to move away from big tech and give a small provider a chance, you may like it :)

End of AMP? Someone can only dream:

Enough giving so much control to google.

Password managers and browser extensions. What can go wrong?

Still better than not using a password manager.

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Okay, next time a construction truck changes lanes into me, I'm not going to get the quarter panel fixed.

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Man, working with the Mozilla devs on Firefox bugs is always such a pleasure. I filed the bug yesterday, and already a dev has responded saying "let's make this work" and is pushing patches. I should be paying money for this browser.

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Can We Stop Pretending SMS Is Secure Now?.

SMS text messages were already the weakest link securing just about anything online, mainly because there are tens of thousands of people (many of them low-paid mobile store employees) who can be tricked or bribed into swapping control over a mobile phone number to someone else. Now we're learnin...

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When you setup Kubernetes to host your personal blog

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@dcid best wishes for the staff and everyone involved! Disasters are serious in every aspect.

But as I read about this, I can't help but think about that other tragedy that happened with #GitLab a few years ago, that culminated in a so-called "Check Your Backups Day"

I guess #backups are like exercise: everyone knows they have to do it, should be doing it, will do it someday, but wish they did it more only after the disaster strikes.

OVH SBG2 datacenter has been destroyed by a fire.

Very sorry to hear that and wishing their team (and customers impacted) well.

For everyone else not impacted.... that's a good reminder to backup your data (often) and test your recovery plan.

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Life in Wuhan, post-pandemic, pre-vaccine: a photo-essay by a non-photographer with a phone. (A thread.)


The Mastodon account search is back online (and running a lot faster):

Sorry for the downtime and sluggish performance it was having.

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Utah just passed a new legislation to restrict content on the mobile devices of minors.

Pretty much forcing adult filtering to be on by default when they detect that it is a device used by a minor.

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Quoting Chris Krebs:

"This is the real deal. If your organization runs an OWA server exposed to the internet, assume compromise between 02/26-03/03. Check for 8 character aspx files in C:\\inetpub\wwwroot\aspnet_client\system_web\. If you get a hit on that search, you’re now in incident response mode."

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Just to reiterate in relation to Gab getting hacked, I’m not aware of any vulnerabilities in Mastodon at the moment and based on what I have seen in their code modifications the vulnerabilities they have are the ones they themselves introduced (along with never porting security patches from us)

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