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"The only way to force companies to provide safety and security features for customers and users is with government intervention.

They routinely legislate safety — pollution standards, automobile seat belts, lead-free gasoline, food service regulations.

We need to do the same with cybersecurity: the federal government should set minimum security standards for software and software development."


That is a very fun store on how a bad json parser is causing GTA to take 6+ minutes to load:

Blame the intern...

If an intern with a bad password can do damage to your company, you have serious issues.

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I have always admired the quote from Bruce Schneier about complexity being the worst enemy of security. If even the network defenders cannot readily understand the architecture, than mounting a proper defense is a lost cause.

Stop Being Proud of Complexity | Daniel Miessler

This law (if passed) can really change things up:

Will force apple to allow side loading of apps and additional app stores.

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RT @KatHeubeck
Sorry but this is the best bird story I’ve ever read. The update is *chefs kiss*

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Really nice gesture here in Temecula. Covid memorial for all the lives lost.

1 white flag for each person that died.

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Before buying a NYT subscription, here's what it will take you to cancel it.

I was expecting them to require a snail mail or a fax, but still a pain to have it cancelled.

Until they fix it, might be better not to subscribe to the NYT.

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Hello. I am a long-term Linux user who decided to hop on noc social.
I am a proud Linux user for 8 years and I use Arch Linux. Cheers!

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"Facebook and Google have, over the past three years, been sprinkling grants on journalism organisations and newsrooms at the rate of $100m a year each, making them the largest philanthropists and supporters of journalism on the planet. The money is not a deep commitment to producing equity and integrity in news; it is a lobbying exercise, a hedge against external regulation."

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K-9 Mail is looking for funding

Never heard of K-9, well nobody is perfect:
K-9 Mail is an open source email client focused on making it easy to chew through large volumes of email


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Hello everyone,

Currently working on my PhD looking at #Disinformation , #FakeNews, etc.

I am from Oregon, USA but I have been living in Paris for a while now.

I remember I used to have other hobbies before Covid, but now it is limited to bikes, studying Vietnamese, my cat.

I am new to Mastodon and trying to see it's potential as an alternative to other sites. Have any tips to share?

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New post at

organize the world’s information, make it universally accessible and useful, and then DELETE IT (

Today I get yet another announcement from Google, about shutting down yet another one of their clou...

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A group of robbers in Milan known as the "acrobat thieves" monitored the Instagram pages of the city's rich and famous in order to ransack their homes

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You'd think that being friends with @dcid would afford me some leg up when it came to working with .. I mean, it was his project...

but no, it doesn't... instead it gets a lot of "hahaha" responses to my "wtf man, why is it doing this?"

The struggle is real...

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How do I mute all the anime content from the Federated timeline?

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📱 Instant messaging clients. Choose wisely what you use to communicate.

A visualization by @niboe under CC BY SA license.

Please share ❤️

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