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Twitter reveals that its own employee tools contributed to unprecedented hack

Twitter says hackers compromised high-profile accounts thanks to access to internal tools

#Twitter #Hacked

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Wired reported as of 3 hours ago that wallet is over $100k.

So... yes. It seems lots of people are falling for it.

I don't get why anyone with this level of access on Twitter would waste it that way.

*I am assuming that anyone technical enough to have bitcoins would never fall for it the scam.

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Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Apple and others apparently hacked.

Twitter accounts belonging to Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Apple, among other prominent handles, were compromised on Wednesday and posted tweets that appeared to promote a cryptocurrency scam.

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Searching for social accounts across multiple Mastodon / Fediverse instances? Try this:
#mastodon #fediverse #accounts

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It's like these companies don't even know what "remote" means.

If I have to move to be near you, that's not remote. That's just not coming into the office today.

These are the types of companies that won't survive Covid. They can't figure it out.

Not sure if this quote is really from Mike Tyson, but he is spot on 😂

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My Hey email trial just expired and had you asked me a couple days in, I was pretty sure I was going to convert to a paying customer. After two weeks, I don’t think I will.

It’s nice and I like the concept of the feed and paper trail. But, it doesn’t feel like the right solution to the problem they’re trying to solve. The absence of some archiving system is also a bit baffling.

The trial did show me that there is room for improvement with email, but also that Hey doesn’t seem to be the one.

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@dcid @perezbox

I think the vast preponderance of VPN users today use it to geolocate themselves into the jurisdiction of their favourite streaming service.

I'm not sure lay users have any clue that the VPN technology wasn't built for exactly that purpose.

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Breached Data Indexer ‘Data Viper’ Hacked.

Data Viper, a security startup that provides access to some 15 billion usernames, passwords and other information exposed in more than 8,000 website breaches, has itself been hacked and its user database posted online. The hackers also claim they are selling on the dark web roughly 2 billion reco...

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wow, look at the rich details of #OpenStreetMap in comparison to #GoogleMaps:
while Gmaps looks like a work with MS paint, OpenStreetMap shows you a full construction plan incl.lifts, ticket vending maching, public telephone, recycling container, rubbish bin and also so many many more shops in the building:

(Train station in Bern, CH)

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"Google drops Blogspot India domain breaking hundreds of thousands of links"

What a mess!


1. Move away from Blogspot. It's not getting any love

2. Own your domain name even if you post on someone else's platform (so you can switch if necessary)

Social Search has now almost 700,000 accounts cached there:

If you are looking for new people to follow, it might be a good place to start.

Would love some feedback on what else to add/improve/change there.


-Look for OpenBSD people:

-FreeBSD people:

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Git can be difficult but you need it if you want to contribute to #OpenSource. This article breaks down some steps you’ll need to take to complete your first contribution to #FOSS.

7 Steps to Get Started with Git

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Why Mastodon and the fediverse are “doomed to fail”

-> a small rant about how the profit lens distorts our understanding of success vs. failure:

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Made a few updates to #LinkChomp. It checks destination links against a black list (properly) now. I also added a quick 'copy' icon to copy the chomp to your clipboard for ease of pasting elsewhere.

That last feature is most useful to mobile users.

Another one already blocked by CleanBrowsing - on all our filters:

If you are looking for a first layer of defense to block malicious domains, maybe be good to try it out.

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