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Really interesting video showing the “other side”. What goes through the police mind when you have to make a decision in a matter or seconds - life and death decisions some times.

We live in a town with just 2 builders.

You can only buy a house from one of them (Builder G and Builder A).

If you buy a house from Builder A, you won't be able to install any appliances or make any changes unless approved by A.

To get into A's approved list of products/applianced, you need to pay them a 30% commission...

This would never be accepted in the real world, but we go for it on the App stores.

Not the perfect analogy, but explains what happens with Apple and Google.

Anyone has this issue where Mast never reloads the screen?

It seems like I have to force reload every time to see new content.

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Tried to show @dcid this thing I’ve been working on, took me an ungodly amount of time.. his response?

That’s it?


Apple at it again:

Apple Threatens to Remove Email App 'Hey' From App Store Over Lack of In-App Subscription Option:

Twitter, Facebook , Google and Apple are too big and too centralized to be allowed to continue.

Glad for Martodon to offer an alternative to Twitter.

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Stop Being Distracted on the Internet with CleanBrowsing & Hosts:

Great Youtube video by Kylinux Cast.

*His Youtube channel has some good content too, that might be worth checking.

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Greetings! I’ve been interested in Mastodon for a while, pokes around to find an instance I liked, and I think I’ve settled here thanks to Kev’s article.

I’m a web developer, currently using Rust and Elixir. My distro of choice is NixOS, though I used Debian for a long time before.

In addition to FOSS, I like video games, music, and reading sci-fi/fantasy books.

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Put some thoughts to virtual parchment on the idea of decentralizing social platforms.

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Maybe this YouTube dude should try something different

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Talk about timing.. @dcid just shared this article about dark-mode on devices. I literally just switched from dark mode back to light. I was actually having a hard time with all the darkness. What are others doing? And do you relate with this article?

If anyone has more experience with it, curious on the performance/memory impact that it may cause.

So far, didn't notice anything.

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Iptables hashlimit saves the day again.

What a useful little module.

You can rate limit --syn packets for a netmask (using /16 on this example) by using:

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 443 --syn -m hashlimit --hashlimit-above 50/sec --hashlimit-burst 100 --hashlimit-mode srcip --hashlimit-srcmask 16 --hashlimit-name "tcpmax" --hashlimit-htable-size 8192 --hashlimit-htable-max 32768 -j DROP

Specially if a few /16's were causing problems and you don't want go block them altogether.

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Here is an example of how Netgear thinks we should capture IPv6 on their routers... enter each entry individually.. an example of where the UX designer is not a user..

Nice to see @Brave on Mastodon.

Any other interesting projects that joined already?

@Brave : Added you guys here too:

Anyone from Digital Ocean around here?

Seeing a large number of Digital Ocean IP addresses being used on a DDoS attack...

Trying to target github[.]net, githubapp[.]com and uber[.]com.

And hundreds more..

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After threatening me with legal action, Keepnet Labs finally issues statement over data breach - ████ me, could they have taken any longer?

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Clean Browsing offers some basic (free!) Content filtering using DNS including DNS over TLS and DNS Crypt.

And because I know you ruffians, I'll include this line:

"Our commitment to the users is that we DO NOT track and retain any data associated with our Free services."

Also, I know and trust these folks.

#persist (for my cleanup bot)

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