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Hello, I'm an inexperienced user. How do I get toots from to show up in my feeds? Thanks

@agielchinsky Welcome! Just follow some accounts there and they will show up. You can find some here:

or here:

Phage therapy:

A custom virus that kills bacteria. Being tested to treat antibiotic resistant bacterias:

So cool and scary at the same time.

"China has a new rule for the country’s hundreds of millions of young gamers: No online videogames during the school week, and one hour a day on Fridays, weekends and public holidays."

@Courgette Mind sending the account name, so we can check and remove for you? And yes, I manually deleted it per your request.


Uh oh:

t-mobile got compromised. Sending good wishes to their team handling this incident. Likely will be a crazy week.

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It awesome to participate in this past weekends SDNS://2021 event.. here is a video of my talk... it focuses on the effects our encrypted DNS implementation strategies are having on an underrepresented user base - children, their parents, and those organizations tasked with creating family friendly environments

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“Apple believes its new system is an advancement in privacy that will enable a more private world…”

Got it…

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Today is the day we get to celebrate 10 years of encrypted DNS with DNSCrypt..

If that's your jam, come join us and enjoy some great sessions..

The sdns://2021 is an informal online conference focused on DNS privacy technologies, and an opportunity to celebrate 10 years of DNS privacy improvements.

@tony will be talking about "The negative effects of encrypted DNS on families". Should be fun.

Join live tomorrow here:

Full event details:

@tony There are a lot more things more frustrating than that.

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Don’t you guys feel what you say and do offline is tracked and used by players like Google Apple Netflix and whole bunch of others to offer personalised content in their offerings. I repeat offline. For instance I am talking about trains 🚊 in general to a friend offline in person and after few hours I visit App Store to check for updates and I see game suggestions for train, the simulator, is this sorcery or science. This happens in third world countries.

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Over 7,000 people have now signed the open letter against Apple's privacy-invasive content scanning and notification plans on GitHub.

Have you?

What’s at stake? Read this:

#apple #privacy #humanRights #personhood

One Bad Apple:

Great article about the new CSAM + privacy concerns that are coming to iOS devices.

I forgot how much fun the old Nintendo Wii was.

Installed it for the kids and they are preferring it over their new game consoles.

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RT @ShannonDowney
Good morning

Please get vaccinated.

37 years ago, 50 companies control the media in America. Fast forward to 2011, American news outlets are controlled only by 6 powerful corporations.

@Courgette we do. Did you just made the change? Or has it been a while?

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DNS matters ... here is a song to help bring that point home.. seems like an appropriate time to share this..

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