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DNS matters ... here is a song to help bring that point home.. seems like an appropriate time to share this..


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Apple also has 16.7 million IPs. And AT&T has the same. And the US postal service - they don't even deliver email (nor real mail anymore). The US DoD has 233M IPv4 addresses ($9B in market value). That's like 5% of all IPs ever available. And small ISPs struggle to get 250.

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IPv4 addresses used to be gratis. Today they're selling for ~40 USD each. Ford (!!) got 16.7 million IPs for free, hardly using them. Today they're worth $670M, a better value increase than any crypto currency. At the same time new ISPs can't be started because lack of IPs.

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So the Stripe API docs show you the actual data from your last test call as the documentation example.

What a thoughtful feature.


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Interesting story from a Chrome extension developer about how bad actors try to get their malicious code inserted into the extensions or even try to buy the extensions outright.


Between 800 and 1,500 businesses around the world have been affected by a ransomware attack centered on U.S. information technology firm Kaseya, its chief executive said on Monday.


@yara @digeex I had caching completely disabled and I thought this issue was fixed :/

Not sure what happened - and why, but disabled the CDN to avoid any more issues. It wasn't caching anything, so not helping much anyway.

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I've heard multiple stories like this, but I also know 2 persons working 't Amazon calling it an amazing employer. I guess they work in a department where margins don't matter and are on the good side. It saddens me that stories like these exist in 2021, slavery shouldn't exist but clearly it does

If you think your job sucks, at least you don't work at Amazon:


Surprising discussion as I always thought Amazon was a great place for engineers:


Cybereason: 80% of orgs that paid the ransom were hit again


Remember: backups & test your backups - often.

I would love to see the SEC going after the big guys, like they go after the small ones:


*High school teacher and friends trading on some other friends advice.

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@dcid I still remember the stupid conversion at the CA/B forum where Google reps were adamant that their “super secret” analysis said this was the way to go …

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New feature at NOC allows you to optimize the relationship between the CDN and your cluster of origin servers..

How cool is that? Specifically designed for admins running GCE / AWS clusters for their origins and also using a CDN..

Check it out : noc.org/2021/06/09/optimized-o

Fastly is on the news today for a widespread outage that took many big sites down.

At the same time, their stock is up almost 7%.

I guess any news is good news for the stock market and the auto trading bots.

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