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@dcid The relevant spec for the Permissions-Policy header is documented here: https://www.w3.org/TR/permissions-policy-1/

I elaborated more on this in another comment: https://pleroma.envs.net/notice/A6Js6Yxy0Q4uFfItvs

@Seirdy maybe, at least during their initial tests. Never sure how it will change later.

Trying to do my part:

$ curl -sD - dcid.me | grep 'permissions-policy'
permissions-policy: interest-cohort=()

Have you blocked FLoC yet? If you are using NOC, you can disable it with 1-click here:


More details on how to do it yourself:


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They say AI is going to revolutionize the world, and yet Google still needs my help identifying fire hydrants on a daily basis.

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~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~



A blocklist of malicious websites that are being used for malware distribution, based on the **Database dump (CSV)** of Abuse.ch. Blocklist is updated twice a day.


Someone explain to me why that is not illegal ( inside trading ):



"July 22: Congressmen Mo Brooks, Ed Perlmutter and Mike Conaway all bought Pfizer stocks in June/July right before the US gov signed a $1.95 billion vaccine contract"

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@newline @digeex My goodness :/ How is that possible? What app are you using?

Or just logging via the web?

Also, mind sending your IP addresses again, so I can look at the logs for any cache HITs.

Sorry :(

@newline @Ajal Humm.. Don't understand the issue. You saying you logged in as yourself and ended up on his account?

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Bruce Schneier on Signal's cryptocurrency adventures:


It’s not just that blockchain is just plain stupid. It’s not even that Signal is choosing to tie itself to a specific blockchain currency. It’s that adding a cryptocurrency to an end-to-end encrypted app muddies the morality of the product, and invites all sorts of government investigative and regulatory meddling: by the IRS, the SEC, FinCEN, and probably the FBI.


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@django mind giving an example where it is not respecting the headers?

@django oh, let me look into it. Not intentional if it is.

@jonw the social dilemma is a good documentary about this issue. Worth watching if you haven't.

@CodingItWrong I think developers in general like to learn. So a new framework or language is always a fun challenge and new learning opportunity.

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