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As a "bitcoiner", obviously the federation model of mastodon / fediverse is nowhere near as secure and private as a truly uncensorable model like bitcoin, however it's the needed step from completely centralized services like twitter, that when users can make the UI jump and understanding, upgrades and further improvements will be much easier. We should all encourage friends, followers, to understand and shift away from the centralized model, as that path leads towards loss of freedoms.

@jonw 😂 😂

I should cry, not laugh, but that's our reality.

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True story:

Got tired of delivery issues with my mail server so engaged Amazon SES to use as outgoing SMTP. Amazon support assumes commercial use of their service so you have to open a support ticket to allow your account to send emails out of the sandbox. The bot (or dense human) that answers support tickets insists on me sending a sample of the emails I intend to send even though I've explained multiple times it is for personal use.

So I eventually give up and send this as an example:

"Hi Mom, see you at 6 for dinner. Love you, Jon"

And lo and behold, I wake up this morning to an approved sending account.

Sometimes you just gotta check the box even if it makes no sense.

@submariner Such a bad timing... Too many people were migrating and now they are back at whatsapp.

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How I hijacked the top-level domain of a sovereign state


He registered an expired domain used by the .cd ccTLD. Great report.

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I’m curious, anyone know if Jack and his team are working with anyone involved with the project and federated initiatives?

Ref: twitter.com/jack/status/120476

@nezullol you change it to dark mode under your profiles. At least thats what I did.

@tony Is that a D with an anchor down on the middle?

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It reminded me of that Oscar the Grouch thing @dcid posted somewhere once a million years ago.

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For those new to the platform, even old ones, you can also search for people across all the public networks here search.noc.social ...

@obra been a while.
Only way is to disconnect to have some peaceful days.

@tony if you would learn to communicate better it would not be a problem

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If you're curious what 10 years of working remotely with one person is like, just come hang out with @dcid and I and enjoy the shit show... be forewarned, you might leave wondering how we get anything done.. we spent 3/4 of the day talking past each other..

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Found out that migrating from one user to another is not as simple as I would have expected, but still very doable. Wrote it up to share the process I used: defragged.org/2021/01/13/migra

@markosaric @plausible

Who would have guessed that an open source competitor to the free Google analytics ( almost untouchable ) would turn into to a feasible business.


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