Finally decided to try out @signalapp and get rid of Whatsapp.

Signal seems to be growing well with 10M+ downloads on the Google App Store.

However, a long ways to go to reach WhatsApp with 5B downloads.

Really happy with the way the availability and performance monitoring is working.

Global view of your site/domain from 10+ different locations - every minute.

If you have a website, try it out:

Really good read on how the FBI caught the "twitter hacker".

Bitcoin transactions *might* appear be anonymous, but they can give out enough information & patterns to connect it to someone - specially on a high profile case (well, and bad opsec).

Does your current DNS provider gives you visibility on your DNS traffic?

This is the data for one of our small domains: dnsblacklist[.]org.

Interesting to see that Google is the #1 resolver for it.. or the traffic per hour.. or the full logs..

Try it out:

Put a camera on my backyard to try to identify what was trashing it at night.

Surprise , surprise.

I guess the Coyotes are calling it home now.

Multiple Brazilian sites (eg, are down due to what looks like a DNSSEC issue on

If you can't reach your favorite Brazilian sites, that's probably why.

Not sure if this quote is really from Mike Tyson, but he is spot on 😂

Another one already blocked by CleanBrowsing - on all our filters:

If you are looking for a first layer of defense to block malicious domains, maybe be good to try it out.

20+ years later, and now my kids are enjoying Saint Seya (cavaleiros do Zodíaco).

Glad Netflix has the old shows there now.


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