I am glad I am patient. Just 300+ hours to go until xcode finishes downloading...

This reads like a recommendation for skiers. Snowboarding should be safe.

Fun day at Brighton today. One of the few places open for skiing/snowboarding on such warm season.

Fastly is on the news today for a widespread outage that took many big sites down.

At the same time, their stock is up almost 7%.

I guess any news is good news for the stock market and the auto trading bots.

Trying to do my part:

$ curl -sD - dcid.me | grep 'permissions-policy'
permissions-policy: interest-cohort=()

Have you blocked FLoC yet? If you are using NOC, you can disable it with 1-click here:


More details on how to do it yourself:


One thing I love about the noc.org DNS is the visibility it provides - including regions and resolvers.

If you want to move away from big tech and give a small provider a chance, you may like it :)

Really nice gesture here in Temecula. Covid memorial for all the lives lost.

1 white flag for each person that died.

Much respect to president Biden for this letter that he sent to his staff a few years ago.

Seems like a great example to follow.

I love the Slopes app to track the day at the mountain when we are snowboarding.

What I don't like is that I can't keep up with my kids anymore...

A Brazilian in the snow has to be careful.

Finally decided to try out @signalapp and get rid of Whatsapp.

Signal seems to be growing well with 10M+ downloads on the Google App Store.

However, a long ways to go to reach WhatsApp with 5B downloads.

Really happy with the way the NOC.org availability and performance monitoring is working.

Global view of your site/domain from 10+ different locations - every minute.

If you have a website, try it out:


Really good read on how the FBI caught the "twitter hacker".

Bitcoin transactions *might* appear be anonymous, but they can give out enough information & patterns to connect it to someone - specially on a high profile case (well, and bad opsec).


Does your current DNS provider gives you visibility on your DNS traffic?

This is the data for one of our small domains: dnsblacklist[.]org.

Interesting to see that Google is the #1 resolver for it.. or the traffic per hour.. or the full logs..

Try it out:

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