Analysis of a HTTP-based DDoS.

-7,000 different attacking IP addresses.

-20,000+ requests per second.


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Similar to what hit us a few years back. Very simple, very hard to mediate except by blackholing participants, almost all of which were cloud services rented with stolen credit cards. $40 a day apparently.

@amerika do you still have the logs by chance? Would love to see if the attacking IPs are the same if you don't mind sharing.

@dcid @amerika

Sounds like the server was protected. I assume you have some insight into the logs?

Curious if you've noticed an increase in general scans, number of log entries, since the Russia invasion of Ukraine? I didn't do any analysis but just doing maintenances regularly the spam level seemed to increase significantly for us.

@Chrisk @amerika It grew quite a bit when Mastodon became "popular" because of the Twitter acquisition.

We had a few weeks of a lot of traffic & spam accounts, but seems better now.


No, sadly. It was clear that these were temporary sites, either cloud storage or unsecured home machines.

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