Looks like twitter is blocking links to Mastodon instances (including to this one: and

Curious how many instances got this ban there.

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Ah, good. Blatant monopoly behavior from Twitter.


That's great!!! I use mastodon to get away from twitter and it is extremely annoying to get links to/from twitter on here.

Hopefully this will lead to less interaction between twitter and the fediverse as a whole!

@h4890 oh, I agree. The issue is when we are trying to get people to move from Twitter to Mastodon and they block sharing about Mastodon.


Yes, well, moving people from twitter to mastodon could be a very mixed blessing! ;)

But twitter starting to block just shows that mastodon is gaining momentum á la first they laugh at you, then they fear you.

@dcid According to Threatfox, at around 44 hours ago at least two instances ( and got hit with Vidar malware C2 accounts: , so it could be that. They've been hitting instances on (including the one I'm on).

@austin Those seem to be empty accounts with nothing on it. How is that an issue?

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