How are other Mastodon admins dealing with the system cache?

Even after running media remove, preview_cards remove and remove-orphans, cache is still pretty big:

~/live/public/system/cache$ du -h --max-depth=2
8.2G ./accounts/avatars
27G ./accounts/headers
35G ./accounts
39G ./media_attachments/files
39G ./media_attachments
3.0G ./custom_emojis/images
3.0G ./custom_emojis
31G ./preview_cards/images
31G ./preview_cards
107G .

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@dcid My instance is just me so it's using just 1 gig in media storage total. How much storage space do you have for your entire instance?

@rishi556 Have quite a bit (200G), but it is growing and filling fast - most on the system cache.

@dcid Oh so I went a bit overkill with 1TB haha. I am quite liking this though, and might actually build out and ship a full server to host a larger instance.

@dcid I have cron jobs systemd timers for most of the cleanup commands listed in the admin cli documentation.

I only have a couple of users, though...

@dcid @thomas I now store the media in a cheap S3 compatible storage.

@nottulner @thomas How much data are you storing now? Even after clearing the cache, it keeps growing (at 120G today after clearing).

Seems like the tootctl commands to clear the media/preview_cards don't clear it all.

@dcid this is how it looks on my system with daily cache prune after 30 days:

mastodon@mastodon:~/live/public/system/cache$ du -h --max-depth=2
2.0G ./custom_emojis/images
2.0G ./custom_emojis
95G ./media_attachments/files
95G ./media_attachments
17G ./accounts/headers
7.7G ./accounts/avatars
25G ./accounts
3.4G ./preview_cards/images
3.4G ./preview_cards
124G .


@thomas @nottulner thanks! So it is not just me. How much it has been growing over time? Even with the daily prune?

@dcid unfortunately I didn't watch it grow, so I have no idea :D

But the instance has existed since summer 2017 and the cache clean jobs have been running daily since then.


I haven't observed it continuously either, but it doesn't seem to be growing extremely for me. With more users, of course, it will increase accordingly.

I execute the following commands daily:
* tootctl media remove
* tootctl media remove-orphans
* tootctl preview_cards remove --days 90
* tootctl emoji purge
* tootctl accounts cull


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