If you are still waiting for Whatsapp to come back online, maybe now is a good time to try Signal?

Signal is a drop-in WhatsApp replacement. Fast, secure, open source & private.

Try it out.

Don't forget #Matrix. That has the advantage of not having one central infrastructure, and we've seen what happens if that goes down...

doing ad for another central service if one central service goes down is probably the wrong way. #matrix is decentralized and open source. IMHO the better way to go.

@kmj anything is better than Facebook. Signal is an easy replacement, but agree with you.

@dcid Please, stop to advertise Signal. Signal feels better only when we talking about "whatsapp replacement"... it is better but not what peoples better to use in the end. Signal seems to has a lot of "shady" things, when we comparing it with more transparent and decentralized software. You should just make a web-search-query to find reasons why it is not so good as millions of owners thinks. It will be faster for us both than if I will start to explain already explained things a lot of times.

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