Utah just passed a new legislation to restrict content on the mobile devices of minors.

Pretty much forcing adult filtering to be on by default when they detect that it is a device used by a minor.

@dcid what if I buy my device outside of Utah and them move to Utah? Regardless if personal views on the intent of the law, implementation is going to be hairy

@blit32 Agree, implementing this law won't very easy - and will have many edge cases.

But for the simplest case, of installing/setting up a device, should not be a problem.

@dcid I think it will be hard even for that case too. When you buy a device it comes pre-setup from the manufacturer. This law would mean that manufacturers will need to know that the device will be going to Utah _and_ that the device is going to a minor to customize the device setup.

@blit32 @dcid I think I'm with @gamehawk . Computers were a mistake. Let's go back.

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