One of the many reasons why I am looking for Google alternatives:

"The YouTube account of Spinks' game dev company, Re-Logic, was hit with some kind of terms-of-service violation, resulting in Google banning Spinks' *entire Google account*, greatly disrupting his company's ability to do business. ". Including his 15 yo gmail account.

@dcid I can anyone is wondering if #google locking Re-Logic out of all their Google-accounts is something unusual: It's not. This is not the first time I've read about large corporations who foolishly rely on Google for their day to day operations being locked out of all their accounts. Mistakes can happen, but there is a big difference between Google and other providers: It can take months before account is partially re-instated, and that's if you're lucky and big. In many cases it's permanent.

@dcid The biggest win for me was to start using #NextCloud There are many free instances out there, you can run it at home on a raspberry pi ( albeit a bit slowly ) or you can self host. Heck yunohost has an app installer for it too. It can replace your calendar, contacts, and remote file needs. If you use collaborative editing you can do that too, but need to be sure you have the computing power for it. That plus lineage or and youre free of google.

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