What's the best alternative to Google photos (self hosted)?

Trying nextcloud soon and looking for additional options to test.

@dcid Nextcloud is the only option I've tried. It isn't great but good enough that it's not worth the effort for me to look for an alternative.

@blit32 It seems to be the only google drive + photos replacement option available.

@dcid i've used nextcloud for years. works well on android, not so hot on iphones.

@dcid well due to limitations I am too looking out for alternatives. Thanks for mentioning nextcloud

@yogeshkhetani What limitations are you having there? We are doing a test install and "playing" with it.

So far, the install / maintenance process has been more complicated than what it should be. Will see...

@dcid new to mastadon -- but not new to nextcloud! great platform, I've been selfhosting in VM for almost a year now, great product.

@tree oh nice, what pieces of it do you use the most?

I find the photos/videos part so bellow google photos that is hard to convince the family to migrate.

For docs it seems to work well.

Still testing.

@dcid I use it for long term storage. Its easy to create and share public links that everyone can see. My fiance and I mostly use it to store photos andvideos that we want to save so we can save icloud space.

I personally also use it for document storage. I will even store my CV there for employers to visit and see easily.

@dcid I might be a bit late, but was browsing self hosted software and found this: I can't speak of personal experience, but it might be worth a look. 😀 👍

@OpenBSDARMand0 nothing at the same level and usability. Unfortunately

@dcid Wish I could be helpful here but I can't. I replied because you mentioned nextcloud, and I've seen other OpenBSD users mention it. Is it that bad, compared to Google's option?

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