If you sell culture war all day, don’t be surprised by the real-world consequences:

He has a good point. And it applies to more than just the US, but most of the media across the world.

@dcid Very good points in the articles. I'm literally tired of explaining to my friends on Twitter (and formerly Facebook) that each time they repost Trump with an angry comment they only bump his engagement ratings and this is precisely why he does what he does - because it works.

I can't believe I just read and agreed with a mainstream journalist. I sometimes feel like I lost my parents to tv.
I genuinely believe the Fediverse can improve things, but that would meen someone losing money and power.

@mcdillinger I do think the fediverse is part of the answer.

Any time you add $$ to news, social and community, you divert its true goals to their profits, not the community.

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