Finally decided to try out @signalapp and get rid of Whatsapp.

Signal seems to be growing well with 10M+ downloads on the Google App Store.

However, a long ways to go to reach WhatsApp with 5B downloads.

@dcid I've used signal but my friends don't. If you're the only adopter does it matter which you use? Do either "help" then?

@Gearyster I am becoming that annoying guy telling everyone to switch :)

I switched as well and having minor success getting a few of my contacts to also make the switch.

@ScottMortimer That's my current battle right now.

Wish me luck :)

@dcid I introduced Signal to my closed friends and families (as an alternative to WeChat) in 2019. I have been using it and mostly satisfied. But I got tired of promoting it, and as I hopped between countries of residence, I lost contact with some and they just stopped using Signal cause nobody else uses it, which is kinda sad.

@alteredEnvoy Tough battle. Most of my family uses whatsapp and getting them to move is not easy.

Will see...

@dcid Which are the advantages of Signal over Telegram?

@bernardo1411 Not very familiar with Telegram, so can't really speak to it.

The main benefit I see with signal is that it is non-profit and led by a very strong crypto/tech team that is not focused on making money (letsencrypt style).

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