Someone "popular" on the security community on Twitter said to never host your own mail server...

Actually, do the opposite.

-Host your own mail server

-Host your own matrix homeserver

-Host your own mastodon instance

-Host your own DNS server if you can

Just do it securely and follow the good practices

Fight back on the centralization of the web.

@dcid re: hosting own DNS server... are you referring to running your own local unbound resolvers? Or does running local dnscrypt-proxy to some external resolver still “check the box”, so to speak? Thanks!


@_failsafe Wasn't thinking on anyone in particular to be honest (could be a resolver or auth DNS).

We just need more people (or groups of people) hosting their own stuff - and helping decentralize all aspects of the Internet.

We need less of Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook.

I am still dependent on them, but trying to slowly migrate away what I can.

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