It looks like the Mastodon Mast iOS app is going for sale:

If I knew anything about iOS development I would buy to keep it alive. If you are using Mast ( like I am ), be careful as you never know what the new owner might do.

@dcid I’m a Toot! happy user but tried Roma and it’s also nice. Someone told me it’s a port of Mast. That someone also told me the developer of Mast is know for ditching apps he develops.

@dcid @maique I have been using Tootle for iOS, but may give Toot! a try as well. Not sure if I want to drop $4 on it, though. Any notable issues with it?

@_failsafe I have no issues with it. Sometimes I open Roma, or Mast, and come right back. Great way to keep track of other instances too. Only thing I can’t do is pick an album to upload a photo, other than ‘Moments’. Strange, but it’s the only thing that doesn’t work as expected.

@dcid @maique

@maique @dcid @maique I’m tooting from Toot! now and it has a pretty slick interface. Only thing I wish I could do is adjust the text size downward a couple notches. Am I missing that as a setting somewhere?

@_failsafe @dcid @maique I believe it’s missing and has been asked before, right @tootapp ?

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