Trying out Parler - just to check it out and see how it works.

I love the idea of free speech and no censorship.

The problem: All hashtags and most of the conversations there are inundated with spam, noise and adult images.

I wonder how long the non-censorship will last.

I hope they succeed as anything is better than a world dominated by Twitter, Facebook and Google.

*I still prefer Mastodon better :) Love the decentralization and control it gives.

@dcid I've not used Parler yet but I may try it sometime. It sounds like there isn't much of a community there yet? Is it a lot of posting into the wind, or is there constructive dialogue on there?

@InternetKevin No constructive dialogue that I could find.

It seems to be 99.99% political with a lot of spam/hate in the middle.

That might change as more good people joins.

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