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That spike protein we targeted with mRNA vaccines? There had been some minor drift in that area with variants, including the versions of omicron that were showing up late winter, but for the most part if you had some fresh antibodies kicking around, they were pretty suited to the job.

BA.5 is different, and it's becoming the dominant strain. In BA.5, that spike protein has changed dramatically, and your vaccine, and even an infection from late winter or spring with an earlier omicron variant, might do fuck-all for you. It's also seeming to escape at least one treatment option.

Masks maaaaasks masks :flan_mask2:​ please if you're inside

Sobre viagens, ou especificamente, a falta delas. 

Minha última viagem internacional foi em 2015, onde fui conhecer um pedacinho do leste europeu. Desde então, por questões de (falta de) tempo, dinheiro, etc, não consegui fazer novas viagens.

Com a situação que vivemos no Brasil - e agora que o custo de uma viagem é dobrado, já que sou casado - uma nova viagem a essa altura continua fora do alcance.

Lista de possíveis futuros destinos incluem Itália, Portugal e França. Aceito recomendações!

As férias estão terminando, e a depressão pós-férias está começando. Lance normal, segue o jogo.

I sell coreboot, and coreboot accessories. With Debian Linux. These are secure machines, and coreboot is well-audited.

These computers are free as in freedom, right down to the boot firmware, booting linux/bsd on the bare metal:

My web shop is here:

I'm the author of osboot, the version of coreboot that comes installed. It replaces proprietary UEFI firmware, and has many advanced features that you can learn about here:

I've just resuscitated my blog and moved to #writefreely. While at it, I wrote a post about my initial steps with #Nix package manager on macOS. :blobcatcomfreading:

Using GNOME lately with all animations disabled. Much better! The system feels much snappier and responsive. Surprised it doesn't ship like this by default.


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