-2m scanned websites contained outdated software which could potentially lead to an exploit.

-70k sites were infected with SEO spam, accounting for 39.59% of website infections.

-19k scanned websites contained malicious scripts or iframes from blacklisted domains.

-11% of infected sites were found to include scripts and iframes from blacklisted domains.

Pretty good report from Sucuri:


New Filter Alert:

We're happy to announce our new filter: "Academic Fraud". With kids going back to school, both schools and parents are looking for ways to combat the plethora of do-it for you online service (e.g., essays, homework).

Available in Beta to all paid plans.

Howdy! New video shows you how to manually configure your Windows device without software. Simply update the DNS, and you're off to the races.. youtube.com/watch?v=zJTlYIEaAL

Howdy! If you've been wondering what our platform looks like, now you can take a peak under behind the curtain. Short video gives you a quick orientation fo the platform: youtu.be/szd_SR1VYOo

If you are using CleanBrowsing, all these fake domains are blocked by default.

*Including the fake .gov sites that the same group is pushing.

US regulator FINRA warns of copycat phishing site:


We get a lot of questions about VPN's, specifically how to block them on your home network.

This guide shows you how to make your router work for you, and help stop Proxies & VPNs.


Does your current DNS provider gives you visibility on your DNS traffic?

This is the data for one of our small domains: dnsblacklist[.]org.

Interesting to see that Google is the #1 resolver for it.. or the traffic per hour.. or the full logs..

Try it out:

Multiple Brazilian sites (eg uol.com.br, amazon.com.br) are down due to what looks like a DNSSEC issue on .com.br:



If you can't reach your favorite Brazilian sites, that's probably why.

New article: Introduction to Content Filtering. We take a minute to explore what it is, how it's used, and illustrate how organizations, and individuals, are using it within their own networks


CleanBrowsing is now in South Korea / Seoul.

We are now on 55 different datacenters all over the world - one of the fastest DNS anycast networks available.

Status page for details:


If you are using tiktok, might be good to read this thread and the reddit discussion linked there:


In summary: don't use it anymore.

Stop Being Distracted on the Internet with CleanBrowsing & Hosts:


Great Youtube video by Kylinux Cast.

*His Youtube channel has some good content too, that might be worth checking.

Clean Browsing offers some basic (free!) Content filtering using DNS including DNS over TLS and DNS Crypt.

And because I know you ruffians, I'll include this line:

"Our commitment to the users is that we DO NOT track and retain any data associated with our Free services."

Also, I know and trust these folks.

#persist (for my cleanup bot)


Been meaning to do it for a while, but finally getting around to playing with Raspberry Pi, Pi-Hole and @cleanbrowsing ... stay tuned for some new articles.. :) .

You asked and it is now available (in BETA): Schedules!

Our scheduling option allows you to create time-based exceptions for your filtering rules. For example, you can now block Gaming, but allow it on Weekends from 1pm-5pm.

More details:

You get to decide what type of content is allowed in your network via our DNS-based content filtering service. You can easily block adult content, gambling, torrents, and many other categories.

Try CleanBrowsing today for your Business, School or home.



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