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El Centro Nacional de Tecnologías de Información, hogar del sistema operativo Canaima GNU/Linux tiene cuenta en Mastodon.

¿Ya la sigues?

No esperes más y forma parte de nuestra gran familia.




Gcompris el programa educativo que contiene más de 150 actividades para niñ@s de entre 2 y 10 años, llega con su versión 2.4 con mejoras, actualizaciones, corrección de errores y mucho más.

¿Vas pendiente?

Ingresa a y conoce todo lo nuevo.

We're happy to announce the full Linux App Summit 2022 schedule.🎉
Check it out here:
Are you planning to attend the event virtually or in person?

Yesterday, we moved the fractal-next branch to main. This means we will get now nightly builds. 🎉

Are you in Berlin on Thursday?

Come join us to celebrate the release of GNOME 42 🎉

Alaska Bar in Neukölln, 20:00

Do you want to learn Penpot fundamentals? Thread with our short tutorials. We’ll be adding more!

1. Workspace Interface 📹

#OpenSourceDesign 🖥 🎨

We can’t be more excited to share that... 🎉 PENPOT IS NOW BETA!🎉
We’ve made a microsite to tell you:

⚡ Why beta now
⚡ What makes Penpot ready for beta version
⚡ From launch to beta and beyond!

If you love it, your team will love it. ❤️

Fresh Video Tutorial:

🧅 ❄️ Tor Snowflake Bridges: Benefits (they are special!, Howto: Usage + demonstrating how incredibly *EASY* it is to use/help others around the world avoid censorship/#Surveillance.

Become a special ❄️Snowflake today! 🧅 :blobfoxcomputer: 🔐 🌉

An easy to install Browser extension (see video)!

#Tor #Anonymity #Privacy #Censorship #Surveillance #Internet #Freedom #HumanRights #TGF #greatfirewall #Tutorial #firefox
Sharing from Odysee:

Part II: Learn #PGP 🔐 Communication + Signed .img 🔏verification in 11 min

* 🔑 Public key exchange
* 🔣 Encrypt/decrypt msgs to exclusive recipients using shared keys
* 🔏 Verify Signed #Linux img 💿 video demo (Tails example)

(offers video choices including #LBRY/#Odysee, #Peertube, #Bitchute, #Youtube)

+ Videos include installing #Tails OS on USB stick w/encrypted persistence + save custom persistence settings.
#GPG #Encryption #Crypto #Privacy #FOSS #surveillance #E2EE

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Feliz cumpleaños al padre del movimiento del Software Libre Richard M. Stallman.

Programador, activista, fundador de #ProyectoGNU, de la Fundación para el Software Libre #FSF, de la licencia #GPL, del editor de texto #Emacs y del concepto del #Copyleft


El Centro Nacional de Tecnologías de Información continúa con su programación de cursos formativos en el mes de abril.

Estos cursos son gratuitos y autogestionados a través de la plataforma #SIGMA

Pueden conocer todos los detalles ingresando al enlace:


El Centro Nacional de Tecnologías de Información trae para ustedes el curso:

"Aplicación práctica de la metodología SCRUM".

Tienen chance de registrarse hasta el miércoles 23/03.


Inscripciones por el enlace:

Jami and Bridgefy are two cross-platform (inc iOS) Peer-to-Peer messaging clients that bypass censorship Whilst Briar is an excellent P2P messaging client (requiring no Internet) it still does not yet run on iOS. So to be able to connect to everyone, you want to consider clients which do connect […]

How to easily manage Docker Containers using Portainer graphical user interface on Ubuntu Portainer is an open-source management UI for Docker, including Docker Swarm environment. Portainer makes it easier for you to manage your Docker containers, it allows you to manage containers, images, networks, and volumes from the […]

An introduction to Linux /etc/fstab file, used in Linux to mount the file system at boot time As a server administrator or Linux desktop user or anyone who is new to Linux, understanding about /etc/fstab file in Linux and how to debug fstab issues are very important. Fstab is a file system […]

You can quite easily host a Drupal blog on a Raspberry Pi at home I tested accessing the site as it loads, just as any other normal site is expected to load. It makes one realise again that for many hosting projects, you often don’t need external paid hosting. […]

An important thing to remember while using Briar.

Your blog posts will never be deleted after your remove your accounts or deleting your app.

Once you post an article, it will be sent to all of your contacts. And your posts will live on your contacts' blog window forever.

It is different with the private groups and forums. Once you disband your group, the group and its contents will disappear forever.

Forum and its content will disappear after the last member leave.


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