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It's not easy find a mono-national state in :-) Maybe (part of its nation is in ) or , or , or or , but not , , , or

LittleLink-Custom is a free open source alternative to Linktree, which helps people publish links to all their profiles and sites on a single page. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @littlelink_custom

The project's website is at littlelink-custom.com and the code is at github.com/JulianPrieber/littl

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No me canso de sugerir el uso de esta característica para recibir notificaciones cuando una cuenta publica.


Just think for yourself. Show me 1 fake in my posts ;-)

You can, also, believe your own (Western) propaganda. But try to do the effort to list just ONE supposed fake from my posts in our conversation.

You can read, also, Noam Chomsky or see the (2) documentals producted by Oliver Stone about the Donbass (2014 - 2021).

Or just go to moonofalabama.org/ or follow @guerra


Are you talking about democracy?

2013/4: democratic gov falls under disturbs promoted by ??

2014: people try to self-determine. Their illegal gov attacks them using its army (forbidden in their constitution)

2014-2022: 14,000 deaths, lots of civilians, killed mostly by "democratic" government

2022: Donbass people, mostly speakers, are tired of the Ukrainian government and choose What a surprise



Well, do you believe in fantasy? a wonderful land? We, the , try the democratic way (like people in 2014). send us 23,000 and :


and our victory, against the , under their was for nothing, like Donbass referendums on 2014.

And the "democratic" , nor the "democratic police, " don't protect us ;-)



, for example, don't respect the will of the , and we are not as lucky as people, we only have the police repression, and are not very interested in here ;-)



I don't think their people are interested to stay in They speak , and I don't think they are happy with their / banned on their country, aren't they?

Think of Ukraine as a state where live one , like the , is an error.

Let (nations) own their future.

Spannende Präsentation auf der #MootGlobal22

Ein #FreeSoftware-Ökosystem für Schulen auf der Grundlage von #Moodle, #NextCloud, #WordPress, #OnlyOffice, #BigBlueButton und anderen. #OpenSource

Das haben schon mehrere probiert, aber viele Projekte wurden auch wieder eingestampft. Wir brauchen hier mehr Zusammenarbeit!



Heute beginnt jetzt die jährliche, weltweite Konferenz für #Moodle in Barcelona. Und ich darf mit dabei sein! :tux:

Die nächsten Tage versorgen ich auch das Fediverse mit News.

#Fediverse 👋

A really great list is shaping up on Jonatas Baldin's #delightful curated list of Libre Hosters. Check'em out here:


Delta Chat wrote the following post Tue, 20 Sep 2022 19:06:16 +0200 Wouldn't it be nice if you could migrate with Delta Chat from one e-mail provider to another and keep all your chats and communications and encryption working seamlessly? With 1.32 Delta Chat releases we added initial support towards this goal on all platforms 🥳 "Introducing Automatic E-Mail Address Porting (AEAP)". https://delta.chat/en/2022-09-14-aeap
David Esteve :verified: wrote the following post Wed, 21 Sep 2022 15:30:44 +0200 Comunica de forma ètica. Cicle de Comunicació digital i tecnologies convivencials
via @canodrombcn


Nos juntamos a cacharrear y compartir ideas en Can Vies los jueves de 19.00 a 22.30

Nos gusta organizar talleres, como los de navegación segura y de proteccion de la privacidad online.

Nos interesan temas como las licencias abiertas, el anonimato online, la desconexión de las redes sociales privativas y la propiedad de los datos, entre muchos otros.

Software libre y esas cosas, vamos.

Traemos cosas de tecnología a gente politizada y cosas políticas a gente tecnologizada.

#newhere #hacklab #logout #barcelona #sants #canvies

Escucha el nuevo #LinuxExpress con noticias sobre eventos, dispositivos, programas y próximos episodios.
Recuerda que puedes colaborar en #PCRecicladoDeLaAudiencia.

🌐 Web: podcastlinux.com/LE154
👥 Telegram: t.me/podcastlinux/9054
🎙 Feed: podcastlinux.com/Linux-Express

Recordad que el jueves 29 y el viernes 30 celebraremos la #AkademyES 2022 en Barcelona

- Consulta el programa: kde-espana.org/akademy-es-2022

- Encuentra la ubicación: kde-espana.org/akademy-es-2022
- ¡Inscríbete!: kde-espana.org/akademy-es2022/

- Mira la camiseta que tenemos este año y resérvala antes del lunes en el enlace de registro: kde-espana.org/akademy-es-2022

- Recuerda que si no puedes asistir presencialmente, puedes asistir en línea


Bad news for UI designers. Adobe will have to squeeze the market dry to finance this.

@penpot is suddenly so much more important than ever before. And it was already very important.
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