@JohnFugelsang@twitter.com this is probably amusing.

woven in fabric if timespace, vowing to ensure we never return--fallen fallen is babylon the great; a dwelling place for 'no medicine" and

"@romind@twitter.com" instant skyfall: i am sick of seeing it. heaven is shit.

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Guy just called me a "socialist hippie Jew" and I was like "what do I look like, Jesus?"

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... @yedioth_ahronot@twitter.com at no sky, at no future, at no hell, at no "living for today" at nothing literally--forever after; this place has had it's last dance

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France could reduce, but not entirely cut electricity supplies to the British crown dependency of Jersey this winter as part of "targeted" retaliation measures in a dispute over fishing, its Europe Minister says

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Raising Cane's sending hundreds of corporate staff to work in restaurants amid labor shortage hill.cm/RKtKC0f

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all see all at skyfall
just another "no brick and mortar way to say"
tzedak pergod at you all; it means go to sleep and do not rise another day.

@Haaretz@twitter.com @haaretzcom@twitter.com @AJEnglish@twitter.com i want america "gone"

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Police found a collection of more than 8,000 Nazi items on Tuesday at the house of a pedophile suspect in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. cnn.it/2YwB4s0

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so it went, and you will surely all die--at it will surely not be a thanks from anyone or anything

How dare you all, this sickness is "terminal"

aboard the uss amsyach@, thinking about nasdakka from for or finagling with the holy of holidays switchboard of "popesbelt" the interface to the palaces of the pagriarcquets

Previously Kuniperogie: the olympic menorah of fuller Elohim "see cadmium-nasdaq-daytona "st. OCignal

any logic in "not from the single place selling search results to @bing@twitter.com and @Yahoo@twitter.com

? Or is it just "try to compare them to each other"

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@HTTPArchive@twitter.com: nntp://google.doesnotcompute

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ex astra ab nihilio ad Echad

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If you one-up conspiracy theorists, they don’t know WTF to do. Eg:
THEM: β€œThe moon landing was fake.”
YOU: β€œOh you’re one of *those people* that actually believe in the moon?!!??”

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Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state will punish county and city governments for requiring their employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19, threatening a $5,000 fine for each violation. cnn.it/3Adko6S

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... @tiktok_us@twitter.com "imnotafid"
@Snapchat@twitter.com "AdamTwo2020"

follow me, and buy a dozen books--if ten of you listened I'd stop being so angry @AOC@twitter.com crpoon de harwer

... "wondering" what happened to l'

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Shana Tovah to all who celebrate! Wishing our friends, family, and neighbors a blessed and sweet new year.

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Wishing all my Jewish neighbors love and strength as they celebrate the new year. twitter.com/jvplive/status/143

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The virus becoming endemic is about biology, but "getting back to normal" is about politics. @MonicaGandhi9@twitter.com @DrJBhattacharya@twitter.com tinyurl.com/2w7yxtsx

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