From Mr_Lurch on Twitter (because Mark's house has been virtually destroyed by fire). The community that Mr Lurch refers to is the retro-computing community. A large(-ish) group of people that enjoy tinkering with old 8-bit (mostly)computers. The PayPal donations for Mark just nudged over £10K.
This community is absolutely amazing.
Well done to everyone who donated, shared, commented, everything, anything.

To completely misquote George Orwell in 'Animal Farm'; Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down, and already the world was a better place.

Also, by and large, I don't like the demos.

Pretty much all retro computing channels, when dealing with software, focus on games. Was *nobody* (other than me) interested in utilities and/or productivity software?

@Apple really are complete dickwads, aren't they? Apple’s app review prevents developer from submitting fix to game for the blind -

We've got dog dirt all over the garden. I wouldn't mind, but (cue John Cooper Clarke - The Day My Pad Went Mad) "I don't even have a dog".

Replaced broken tray in freezer; Wins Brownie points. Or so you'd think. Wife *still* managed to find something to complain about regarding the job.

@findmypast keep making changes to their website that mean the user has to use multiple mouse button presses where, previously, one would do the job. How much do they get from manufacturers of mice to force users to wear out devices? To hell with ecological consequences, right?

@firstdirect keep sending me messages about my new bank card (changed from Visa to Mastercard); "Remember to add your new card in your app, and delete the old one." - Neither operation can be performed in the app. Makes you lose all confidence in their competence.

Well, that took longer than expected. Turned computer off Friday night. Away all day Saturday. Turned computer on this morning, and it wouldn't boot. Took me about four hours to get it going again. Then had to re-install some csoftware. All very odd.

Wife bought @sainsburys taste the difference pizza and garlic ciabatta, 'coz daughter is leaving for university tomorrow. What a massive they both were. Twice the price for half the flavour.

Still got one joystick tester available. Anybody got suggestions for recipient? I've already donated to @RMCRetro

on their web saite, @nsandi says "once you've reached the maximum allowable number of premium bonds, we'll pay any winnings into your linked bank account." So they sent me two warrants for £25.00 each. Typical (ex)govt agency bureaucratic SNAFU which *I* have to put right.

'Britishness' Let's not forget, lest we fail to learn the lessons; Bernard Manning and Jim Davidson. To name just two.

'Only 59 fully vaccinated people without serious health conditions died from Covid-19 in England this year' the telegraph reported. What' that even mean? The others *deserved* to die? {hrug}

Govt offer booster jabs to over 50s, etc. NHS told locally to me - there are no vaccines available, no staff to administer them and no sites where they can be administered. How then, is govt going to deliver? Like all their promises - it's empty.

Surely, it can't be just me that thinks a mouSTer is rather expensive; £31?!


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