NSFW: Here's a poem that I've written. It's not very long, but you will feel it very deep within you. 

My penis.

I think just told me to get off my computer and go the fuck outside and experience nature and shit!

Okay, movie plot idea, hang in there with me: Future society sends humans to colonize Mars, and people die on Mars. The people are buried on Mars, but something in the Martian soil brings them back as zombies. We can call it: They went to Mars, but then they came back!


Rough landing, all good though can’t wait to take off again!

If believing that I'm more intelligent than many others in the population makes me conceited then so be it! At least I don't fall into the group of 7% (16.4 million) American adults who believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

11,111 answers generated! not nearly what it was at, but definitely significant growth in generated answers since stats reset 12 days ago. 329 of those randomly generated answers have been saved to the database and can be randomly called upon via the "Do a Flip" button. Try yourself @ rob.cat/tools/fun/random-cah.h

I want to pet @kitty as I stroke the @fluffy tail and be brought to tears by the internal laughter brought on by the thought of the blood of my enemies being spilled on the grounds of a haunted carnival made up of horribly disfigured murderous clowns!

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Stuff from my ears 

I can’t believe my ears still feel impacted!

I touch teh @fluffy tail? I pet soft tail of fluffiness?

@kitty holy fuck I signed up on this about 20ish minutes ago and already randomly found you through federated timeline! Lol

I’m sad to be leaving Portland soon, it’s been a really fun visit! It’s such a beautiful city!

I just found out about Ventoy today and to think that I ever booted installers and temporary removable media Operating Systems any other way makes me sad.


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